Sand Falcon L

Sand Falcon leads the new, smart generation of sand cleaners! 

  • Cleans large sand areas of litter and waste
  • Effective combination of raking and screening
  • Smart data collection

Let’s solve the global waste problem together, one beach at a time!
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Optional extras

Efficient beach cleaning sustaining quality result
Combination of 2,3m work width and 3,0m3 hopper capacity results in excellent work-to-logistics drive ratio, 3 sieve mesh options for very fine, fine and coarse clean up.

Machine size is optimized to enable small turning circle and sharp corners between common obstacles on the beach.

Patent pending kinematics
Grand capacity 3,0m3 hopper dump height from ground level up to 2,6 meters.

Patent pending conveyor system
Unique technological conveyor solution for compact size, machine total length 4,4 meters.

Ecological footprint reduction
Achieve up to 30,000 m² per hour while minimizing logistical drive time. Additional software option for data harvesting.

Technical data

  • Performance – 30 000 m2/h

  • Max payload – 1200 kg

  • Connectivity – iOS/Android/PC

  • Max container lift – 2.6m

  • Net weight – 2800 kg

  • Wheels – 3

  • Container size –  3 m3

  • Total lenght – 4.4 m

  • Oil tank – 60 L

Standard equipment

Basic machine with conveyor and rake system

Warning beacons

Hydraulic finisher

3m³ Hopper dump height up to 2,6m

Hydraulic tow height adjustment

Third wheel

1 sieve,
size selectable.
▶ Fine
▶ Medium ( recommended)
▶ Coarse

Remote for manual operation

High durability powder coated

Optional extras

Data harvesting system + Online app

Container galvanization + Powder coating

Dust control water sprayer system
( Water tank, pump and nozzles )

Monitor + 2 camera setup

3 different size sieves

Custom color setup

What`s inside the Falcon

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