Sand cleaner for beaches, arenas, and tracks

Sand Falcon is the new, smart generation of sand cleaners. Say goodbye to waste and litter for good.

Sand Falcon is the best tool for cleaning large areas of litter and waste. Developed with keeping performance in mind, it is lighter and smarter than its alternatives, saving you time and money. Looking for a tool to clean a beach, a playground, or perhaps a horse track? Sand Falcon is exactly what you need.

Even the smallest pieces of litter like cigarette butts and shards of broken glass are picked up (4 mm / 10 mm) and no sand is lost in the process. The Falcon screens through the soil and releases clean soil back to the area. It leaves the area clean, trash-free and smooth. Perfect for cleaning a beach after a festival!

Why choose the Sand Falcon?

Higher effectiveness

Everything bigger than 4 mm is filtered and cleaned from the surface. Cigarette butts, glass shards, litter, contaminated soil etc.

Large collector for more work time

More time for work and less time for emptying the collector. High dumping height enables to clean out the collector directly into a container, not on the ground.

No need for a new tractor

If you already have a tractor with 4WD and at least 90 bhp, you’re good to go! Sand Falcon can be attached to it effortlessly.

Great manouverability

Sand Falcon is great for tighter areas beacause of its compact design. It is relatively short and fits everywhere where the tractor does.  


What kind of waste does the Falcon remove?

Cigarette butts
Cigarette butts are the most abundant form of plastic waste in the world.

Plastic waste
Plastic waste from bottle caps to cups and cutlery.

Sargassum, seaweed and algae
Get rid of all the vegetation on the sand and near the waterline.

Broken glass
Broken glass is a real hazard for the beach visitors. Remove it completely.

Stones and pebbles
From small pebbles to medium rocks for silky smooth sand.

Solid contamination
We pick up solid pollution from the sand.

Wrappers, paper and other objects left in the sand.

Other objects
Everything left in the sand gets picked up.

How it works?

  • Attach the Sand-Falcon to the tractor.

    Minimal requirements for the towing tractor: 90hp 4wd
    With the adjustable tow hook, you can fit it to most of the tractors available.

  • Screen through the sand.

    Sand-Falcon can clean up to 30.000 m2 / h
    Screening separates objects as small as 4mm* in diameter.

  • Dump the garbage.

    Dump box dimensions:  W2,3m x H2,2m x L2,9m
    Dump height: 2.3m
    Dump box capacity: 3m2
    Payload: 1200kg

An effective combination of raking and screening

The Sand Falcon combines the two primary technologies for sand cleaning – raking and sifting. This enables to pick up smaller and larger objects, and then filter them out releasing clean sand. 

This gives the Falcon the versatility, speed, and environmental friendliness of a raking cleaner – but the quality of a sifting cleaner making it suitabel for beaches with fine sands.

Engineered to perfection

Technical advancements separate us from competition! The Sand Falcon is the most complete sand cleaning machine on the market!

Smart data collection

The information read and collected by Sand Falcons sensors is instantly available for more effective cleaning. You have an instant overview of where, for how long, and when the Falcon operated.

1-year warranty

We trust our engineers to create a top quality product. This is why we are confident in giving you a 1-year warranty for all issues that appear during intended use. If anything goes wrong, we’ll cover it ourselves.

Professional service and spare part availability

Our intention is to reduce your downtime and make cleaning more effective. We have given a lot of attention to automating fine-tuning the cleaning experience. And our after-sales service is next to none.

Who will benefit from using a sand cleaner?


Does your municipality have any public beaches by a lake or by seaside?


you’re looking to provide an effective service with minimal manual labor and maximal effectiveness, then the Sand Falcon is a no-brainer.


Smooth and soft sand is not so much of a bonus but a necessity, when resort visitors have paid a premium for their stay.


Maybe you have a personal beach. Or even a private island. Wouldn’t you want its beaches to be clean and pristine?

The Sand Falcon idea was born out of necessity. The global waste problem, litter-filled beaches and seas are a serious threat for marine ecosystems, animals, and people, too. We are aiming to change that. Many hours of detailed engineering and rigorous test have helped us create the most effective mass production sand cleaner on the market. You don’t have to be an engineer to use it! Now clean beaches can be achieved everywhere.

Why is beach clean-up important?

A lot of the reasoning behind beach cleaning is aesthetic and visitor safety-related. But there are different environmental reasons, too! Here are 6 benefits of cleaning up beaches:

Keeping toxic chemicals out of the water

A cigarette butt seems harmless. But just during one hour of exposure to seawater, it contaminates 8 liters of water with dangerous chemicals. Imagine, how many cigarette butts a regular cleaning session removes from the sand – we can make a huge difference!

Saving marine animals

The seas are awash with waste, most of it plastic. Sea animals consume it, get stuck and wrapped in it, and sadly, die because of it. Cleaning the beaches regulary helps pick up washed up waste and remove it before the tide washes it back out.

Creating a safer environment

Small sharp objects like metal with sharp edges, shards of glass, and even used syringes can easily be hidden in sand and cause serious injuries. Thorough screening helps remove dangerous objects in a safe way.

Helping local economy thrive

Cleaner water and cleaner beaches are better for tourism. More tourism means that people spend more money at businesses near beaches. This creates a win-win situation for all parties involved. 

Disposing waste correctly

Waste that is on a beach or in the water is clearly not disposed correctly. Collecting the litter and contamination enables you to dispose is in a proper way.

Making seafood safer

What you eat affects you directly. If the fish you eat is feasting on plastic, you can be sure that its fragments end up in your organism. In the long term it has the potential to cause you health problems. Now it is a problem we can eradicate.

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