Sand Falcon is developed and manufactured by Falcon Group

The Falcon Group and Sand Falcon itself are a natural step in the development of Võidu Invest OÜ – an Estonian metal manufactory specialized in building machines and parts for forestry, agriculture, and heavy freight. 

Our metal works complex in Northern Estonia employs up to 30 employees; engineers in mechatronics, machine building specialists, economists and design experts, certified welders, and trained CNC machining operators.

Endless manufacturing possibilities

Our primary business is designing and manufacturing products and parts to create established end products for our clients. We can process sheet steele from 3-30 mm, and piping with a diameter up to 400 mm. Today, our manufactory has the hardware and competence for:

  • laser cutting
  • forming sheet metal and piping on CNC machines
  • milling and lathe shaping on CNC machines
  • welding
  • shot blasting
  • powder coating

The natural continuation of our manufacturing and development work has been creating innovative in-house products with variations. Our existing products and competency for developing new products are united under the Falcon brand.

Product development is the key to our success

Our development processes start from identifying the needs of our clients. After that we can use our competence in planning, mechatronics, hydraulics, strength calculations, production consultation, and design. One of our core competences is combining mechanics, IT, and data processing for creating complete solutions.


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We are a reliable partner

The cornerstone of our success is reliability. We are a strong partner to our clients and have the capacity to start new partnerships. We offer our products and services to companies, the public sector, and everyone in between. Our sound and stable financial management enables us to guarantee fulfilling contracts and meeting deadlines. All our products come with a warranty.

We can serve clients anywhere in the world thanks to our technical support system and online support.

A strong history for a bright future

Võidu Invest OÜ has been a growth-driven company from the get-go. Starting as a small metal workshop 10 years ago, we have developed a reliable brand and reached a level where we offer modern and innovative products created in-house.

During the last 5-6 years our turnover has grown 15-fold. Our management has promptly reacted to changes in the economic environment, channeling funds to expanding the manufactory, modernizing machinery, or boosting product development.

In the next few years we are planning on increasing production volumes up to three times to cater export markets. As we manufacture up to 85 % of components for our products ourselves, we are not overly dependent on external suppliers.

Our operation mainly focuses on:

  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes
  • Safety of our created products.
  • Creating a strong and reliable brand
  • Loyalty to customers and suppliers
  • Longevity and sustainability of the company
  • Maintaining sufficient liquidity
  • Increasing additional value for owners, creditors, and financiers.

Increased value through innovation

We develop our products following a set of principles:

  • Sparing use of resources
  • High work effectiveness of completed products
  • Automation and digitisation
  • Ergonomic design

This enables us to fulfill our most important principle; protecting and cleaning the environment.

Our products go through thorough processes of design, prototyping, testing, quality assurance, and improvement. Bettering our existing products and developing new, smart solutions is what drives us forward.

The Falcon group follows a clear vision of creating high-quality, technologically advanced metal products using modern machinery, while sparing resources and the environment. We expand through developing our manufacturing, marketing, and management.

We collaborate at international level with suppliers from different countries (Germany, Finland, Poland, Chech Republic). We have a partnership with the European Regional Development Fund for R&D and on a national level we collaborate with the Environmental Investment Centre and Estonian Business and Innovation Agency.